Crane Services

Unlimited Crane Solutions

At Atlantic Millwrights Inc., we go beyond traditional crane services; we offer unlimited crane solutions tailored to meet the demands of any project, no matter its scale. Our fleet is equipped to tackle everything from intricate lifts to the heaviest loads, ensuring your project proceeds smoothly and efficiently. With a dedicated team of crane experts, we pride ourselves on precision, safety, and unmatched service quality.

Our crane operators are among the best in the industry. They bring a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for their work to each project. From the moment you engage with us, we’re committed to understanding your needs and delivering crane solutions that exceed your expectations.

If you want to partner with a company that has built its reputation on reliability, safety, and innovation, look no further! Since 1986, we’ve been setting the standard for crane operations, demonstrating time and again our capability to handle even the most complex lifting tasks. Contact us today to get started on your next project.

Crane Solutions: An Overview

Crane rental, rigging, and operation services are vital to a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and logistics, providing the muscle needed for lifting and moving heavy materials. At Atlantic Millwrights Inc., our unlimited crane capabilities ensure we can offer comprehensive solutions for any lifting challenge.


Our Crane Services Include:

  • Mobile Crane Operations: For flexible lifting solutions across various terrains and locations.
  • Tower Crane Services: Ideal for construction projects requiring high vertical and horizontal reach.
  • All-Terrain Cranes: Perfect for both on-road and off-road lifting tasks, combining mobility with powerful lifting capacity.
  • Rough Terrain Cranes: Designed for challenging environments, ensuring safe and efficient lifts even in difficult conditions.
  • Telescopic and Lattice Boom Cranes: Offering versatile configurations for a range of lifting needs.
  • Custom Crane Solutions: Tailored services for unique project requirements, ensuring you have the best equipment and expertise for any job.


Examples of Why You May Need Our Crane Services:

Here are some examples of why you may require a crane service:


High-Rise Building Construction

Erecting skyscrapers and other tall structures requires the vertical lifting capabilities of tower cranes to move materials like steel, concrete, and large equipment to significant heights.

Machinery Installation and Relocation

Setting up or moving heavy industrial machinery, such as presses, CNC machines, or boilers, requires precise lifting and positioning, which is achievable with our mobile or all-terrain cranes.

Infrastructure Development

Building bridges, highways, and public utilities often involves heavy lifting that only specialized cranes can handle, such as placing large beams or installing precast concrete sections.

Oil and Gas Infrastructure

Constructing or maintaining refineries, pipelines, and offshore platforms often requires lifts in challenging or remote environments, where our rough terrain and all-terrain cranes excel.

Film and Television Production

Cranes are often used to position sets, equipment, or even to achieve specific camera angles, requiring versatile and precise crane solutions.

Restoration and Reconstruction

In the aftermath of events like fires, floods, or storms, cranes play a crucial role in clearing sites and lifting materials for rebuilding efforts.

Assembly Line Setup

Installing or modifying production lines involves lifting and placing heavy components. Our reliable crane services can facilitate these changes efficiently, minimizing downtime.


Do you need our services for a different type of project? Don’t worry; our wide range of cranes, machinery, and expertise means we can handle any task, big or small. Simply give us a call!.

The Team

Our crane operating team embodies our commitment to excellence and safety. With extensive training and a passion for their craft, our operators and technicians utilize the latest lifting techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to provide unparalleled crane services.

We’re not just about lifting; we’re about providing a comprehensive service that includes planning, execution, and project management to ensure your project’s success. Our team’s expertise extends to navigating complex logistics, securing necessary permits, and ensuring every lift is conducted safely and efficiently.


Atlantic Millwrights Unlimited Crane Capabilities

  • Mobile and Stationary Cranes: Ranging from compact units for tight spaces to large-scale cranes for major projects.
  • Advanced Lifting Technology: We use the latest crane technology for optimal efficiency and safety.
  • Heavy Lifting Equipment: For projects demanding significant lifting power, including specialized attachments and accessories.
  • Safety and Rigging Equipment: High-quality equipment to ensure safe lifts, including slings, shackles, and custom rigging solutions.
  • Project Consultation and Planning: Expert advice and detailed planning services to tackle any lifting challenge.
  • Certified and Experienced Operators: Highly trained professionals committed to safety and quality in every operation.


Health, Safety, and Compliance

Safety is the foundation of all crane operations at Atlantic Millwrights Inc. We recognize the critical importance of maintaining the highest safety standards to protect our team, clients, and the public. 

Our operators and support staff undergo extensive safety training, including industry-specific certifications and ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest safety practices and regulations.

We invest in the latest crane technology, equipped with safety features like anti-collision systems, load moment indicators, and automatic hook locks to enhance operational safety.

We also adhere to stringent safety protocols, from detailed risk assessments and pre-lift planning to regular equipment inspections, maintenance, and repair, ensuring every lift is executed safely and efficiently.


Quality Control

Quality control is integral to our crane services, ensuring every operation meets our strict precision, reliability, and efficiency standards. We conduct thorough inspections of our cranes and accessories to ensure they are in optimal condition and compliant with industry standards. We also adhere to national and international standards for crane operations, including ANSI, OSHA, and other relevant guidelines, to guarantee the highest quality outcomes.

Performance monitoring is central to all of our services. We never stay still. We regularly evaluate the performance of our equipment and personnel to identify areas for improvement and ensure consistent quality in our services. Plus, we actively seek and incorporate client feedback into our operations to continuously enhance the quality and effectiveness of our crane services.


Choosing the Right Crane Partner

Choosing the right crane rental and services partner is essential for the success and safety of your lifting projects. When you’re looking for crane service companies, the key lies in finding qualified people that not only brings a wealth of expertise and experience to your project but also prioritizes safety above all else. A stellar safety record is a testament to their commitment to protecting everyone involved, from their team to your staff and the wider public.

The variety and quality of the equipment companies bring to the table cannot be overstated. You need a partner with a diverse fleet of cranes that incorporate the latest in lifting technology, ensuring they have the right tool for every job, no matter how specialized. Beyond the hardware, don’t overlook the value of clear, consistent communication and proven reliability. These qualities ensure that your project moves forward smoothly, with your crane services partner acting as a contractor and a cornerstone of your project’s success.

Finally, consider your potential crane services provider’s financial health and geographical proximity. A financially stable partner located near your project site can offer more efficient and cost-effective services, reducing logistical challenges and fostering a smoother collaboration. By considering these factors when assessing companies, you can select a partner like Atlantic Millwrights Inc. that aligns perfectly with your project’s specific needs, ensuring a successful collaboration and outcome.


The Crane Services You Need

At Atlantic Millwrights Inc., we recognize the critical role crane services play in the success of your projects, from construction to logistics and beyond. Our commitment to you goes beyond simply providing crane services; we aim to be your comprehensive lifting partner. With our unlimited crane capabilities, we’re equipped to handle any challenge, ensuring the safe, efficient, and timely execution of your projects. Our team of experienced crane professionals will work closely with you, offering detailed lift plans, safety protocols, equipment recommendations, and any necessary documentation to ensure clarity and precision from start to finish.

As a family-run business, the experience and satisfaction of our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Our goal is not just to meet your crane service needs but to forge a lasting, trust-based relationship with each project we undertake. This commitment to our clients is more than just a business strategy; it’s a source of pride and one of the most rewarding aspects of our work, setting us apart in the industry.

If you’re ready to elevate your projects with AMI’s unlimited crane and expert rigging services, we’re here to lift your expectations. Contact us today to get started.


Crane Services FAQ

What factors determine the type of crane needed for my project?

The choice of crane is influenced by several factors, including the weight and dimensions of the load, the height and reach required, the site’s accessibility, and any environmental conditions. Our team assesses these factors to recommend the most suitable crane for your project.

Can you operate cranes in tight spaces or urban environments?

Yes, we specialize in navigating challenging environments. Our fleet includes versatile cranes designed for tight spaces and urban areas, ensuring precision and safety even in constrained conditions.

How do you prepare for a crane lift?

Preparation involves a detailed assessment of the project site, creating a comprehensive lift plan that includes selecting the right crane, planning the lift path, and identifying potential obstacles. Safety checks and equipment inspections are also integral to our preparation process.

Are your crane operators certified?

Absolutely. All our crane operators are certified and have undergone extensive training to meet industry standards. They have the knowledge and experience to operate various cranes safely and efficiently.

What kind of projects have you worked on with your crane services?

We have extensive experience across a broad spectrum of projects, including construction, industrial, energy sector operations, and special events. Our portfolio ranges from high-rise building construction and infrastructure development to wind turbine installation and event staging.

How do you ensure the safety of crane operations on-site?

Safety is our top priority. We implement comprehensive safety measures, including pre-lift planning, regular equipment checks, adherence to all regulatory safety standards, and continuous on-site monitoring to prevent accidents and ensure a safe working environment.

How can I get a quote for my crane service needs?

To provide an accurate quote, we need details about your project, such as the type and weight of the load, the required lifting height and reach, site access information, and the project timeline. Contact us with these details, and we’ll work with you to offer a comprehensive quote.

At Atlantic Millwrights we specialize in moving, installing, disassembling, and shipping heavy machinery.  Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Complete mechanical support for outage or non outage projects
  • Unlimited rigging capabilities
  • Plant/Facility relocation and decomissioning
  • Entire production line disassembly and installation
  • Turnkey Millwright and rigging projects
  • Conveyor installation, overhaul and modifications
  • Refuse fuel feed conveyors overhaul and replacement
  • Shaker / rubber belt and klinker conveyor overhaul and replacement
  • Complete recycling systems glass / non ferrous / ferrous and separators modifications and installation
  • Complete grate overhaul including carrying beams
  • Rolling and reciprocating grate system rebuilds
  • Complete feed table systems removal and installations
  • Discharger overhaul / repairs and replacement
  • Rooftop silencers / mufflers / HVAC and air makeup units
  • Motor replacements to 2000 hp
  • Pumping and hydraulic systems
  • Air compressor and dryer systems
  • Trommels / grinders / hammer mills
  • Pumps / motors / centrifuges and rotating assemblies
  • Precision and laser alignment
  • Shafts / couplings / bearings
  • Trucking and heavy hauling
  • Machine shop services
  • Motor & drive train foundation replacements
  • Epoxy and high pressure grouting