Trucking Services

Trucking Services

Safe, on-time transportation of your equipment is our number one goal when delivering trucking services. At Atlantic Millwrights Inc., we stop at nothing to achieve that. We inspect and maintain our fleet to far exceed federal guidelines. Our drivers are handpicked and held to the highest trucking industry and safety standards.

Our trucking services do not stop at delivering your equipment. We can also receive and store it for you, delivering it where you want it, when you want it. Crating and skidding services are one of our specialties. We will secure and package your equipment to your specifications, and safely ship it anywhere you need it to go. Whether it is one skid or an entire production line, we are here to help.

Your Partner for Trucking Services

When you choose Atlantic Millwrights Inc. for your trucking and transport services, you’re selecting a close-knit, family-run business that sees each job as a collaborative venture, placing client relationships at the heart of what we do. A reputation like ours didn’t emerge overnight. We’ve been New England’s premier transport service since 1986. For over three decades, our specialists have consistently proven that no logistical challenge is too great.

Trucking Services: An Overview

Trucking services are an integral component of the global supply chain, responsible for the transportation of goods across cities, states, and even countries. They act as the vital link between producers and consumers, ensuring that everything from raw materials to finished products reaches its destination in a timely and cost efficient way.

Atlantic Millwrights Trucking Services

Long-haul Trucking

Picture those massive trucks on highways, journeying across states or even countries. They’re responsible for transporting goods over long distances, bridging the gap between manufacturers and consumers.

Short-haul Trucking

Ever seen those smaller trucks in the city? They usually handle deliveries within a city or a nearby region, ensuring that local businesses stay stocked.

Specialized Trucking

This includes trucks designed for specific goods like perishable items, heavy machinery, or hazardous materials. It’s like hiring a specialized doctor for a unique condition.

The Trucking Team

At Atlantic Millwrights Inc., we’re more than just a trucking company; we’re a team of dedicated transport specialists ensuring your goods, machinery, and production lines are safely moved, installed, or relocated. Our skilled drivers and logistics team provide unmatched precision and excellence from loading to transportation, unloading, and even setup, securing and shipping of your most substantial equipment or entire production lines. We’re committed to transporting, installing, aligning, and troubleshooting equipment to ensure smooth relocation and set up.

With years of expertise and a genuine passion for their industry, the trucking team at Atlantic Millwrights Inc. uses cutting-edge tracking technology and meticulously maintained vehicles to fulfill your shipping needs. Their dedication to excellence and meticulousness guarantees that every shipment is managed to the highest standards, delivering outstanding results from start to finish in the shipping process.

Equipment and Tools For Trucking

  • Tractor Units: The primary vehicle for hauling trailers.
  • Semi-trailers: Attachable trailers for carrying goods.
  • Flatbed Trailers: Open trailers for large or irregularly shaped items.
  • Refrigerated Trailers: For transporting perishable goods at controlled temperatures.
  • Tanker Trucks: Designed for transporting liquids or gases.
  • Dolly: A trailer converter to connect multiple trailers.
  • Fifth Wheel: A coupling component allowing a semi-trailer to pivot on a tractor unit.
  • Log Carrier: Specifically designed for transporting logs.
  • Cab: The driver’s compartment in a truck or tractor unit.
  • Jakes (Jake Brakes): Engine braking system.
  • Cargo Straps and Chains: For securing loads on flatbeds or inside trailers.
  • Landing Gear: Supports to stabilize a detached trailer.
  • Tailgate Lift: Hydraulic or electric platform for lifting heavy cargo onto a truck.
  • Pallet Jack: Manual or powered, for moving palletized cargo.
  • Container Chassis: Designed to carry standardized cargo containers.
  • Blind Mount: A tool to help the truck driver hitch trailers without a spotter.
  • Bulkhead: A barrier at the front of a flatbed trailer to protect the cab from shifted loads.
  • Aerodynamic Skirts: Panels fitted to reduce wind resistance and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Tire Chains: Provide traction in snowy or icy conditions.
  • CB Radio: Communication device for the truck driver.

Heavy Haul Renewable Energy

Heavy haul renewable energy refers to the transportation of large and oversized equipment or components used in the production of renewable energy. Given the sheer size and weight of many renewable energy components – such as wind turbine blades, solar panel arrays, and hydroelectric dam components – specialized transportation methods are required.

Here’s a closer look:

Wind Turbines: Transporting large components of utility-scale wind turbines, such as blades and towers, demands specialized vehicles and often involves long-distance hauls from manufacturing to installation sites.

Solar Farms: Utility-scale solar farms necessitate transporting thousands of panels and associated equipment, requiring specialized logistics.

Hydroelectric Equipment: Heavy equipment like turbines and generators for hydro plants demand intricate heavy haul transportation from manufacturing to installation sites.

Biomass Energy Equipment: Transporting the large boilers and turbines used in biomass power plants is a heavy haul logistics challenge.

Ensuring Quality and Safety in Trucking

At Atlantic Millwrights Inc, we prioritize safety in all services. We invest in advanced training and top-tier equipment to ensure the well-being of their team, the goods, and the communities served. Every driver is rigorously trained, and trucks are equipped with the latest safety features. Our dedication to safety underscores our commitment to trust, reliability, and stakeholder well-being. For more information, view our AMI Federal Motor Carrier Safety Record .

Choosing the Right Trucking Partner

Choosing a trustworthy and seasoned trucking service provider is pivotal to the successful delivery of your goods. Atlantic Millwrights Inc has the experience, technical expertise, and service quality to not only fulfill your delivery requirements but to remain a partner to lean on for years to come for all your transport needs.

Your One-Stop Trucking Solution

Grasping the intricacies of your business demands is at the heart of what we do here at Atlantic Millwrights Inc. We’re committed to collaborating with you, offering custom trucking solutions that align with your specific shipping and logistics needs, ensuring your operations run seamlessly and efficiently. Our seasoned logistics experts will equip you with meticulous transport procedures, route plans, tracking systems, detailed guidelines, and any other necessary documentation to maintain clarity in your shipments from start to finish.

At the end of the day we’re a family-driven business that places you, the client, at the forefront of what we do. We don’t just want your transport business, we strive to build a bigger, trust-based relationship and partnership through our trucking services. With trust as our top priority, we hold a unique advantage. It’s what makes our job so rewarding.

If you’re ready to partner with with AMI on your next project, please contact us today.

Trucking FAQs

What is a trucking service?

A trucking service is a transportation method that uses trucks to move goods, provided by individual drivers or trucking companies, ensuring safe and timely delivery. The main objective is to safely and efficiently transport goods from one location to another, ensuring timely delivery and adhering to regulatory guidelines.

What is the difference between long-haul and short-haul trucking services?

In the trucking industry, long-haul typically involves transporting goods over vast distances, often across states or countries, while short-haul usually focuses on local deliveries.

Are all trucks equipped to handle perishable items?

No, specialized refrigerated trucks are required for perishable goods.

How are trucking services adapting to environmental concerns?

Many trucking companies are exploring eco-friendly vehicles, alternative fuels, and better route planning to reduce carbon footprints.

What are the different types of trucking services?

Trucking services encompass various specialized modes of transportation, ranging from Full Truckload (FTL) and Less Than Truckload (LTL) for different cargo sizes, to specialized options like refrigerated, flatbed, and tanker trucking tailored for specific goods. Other types include intermodal, dry van, dedicated, and oversized load trucking, each designed for unique shipping needs and cargo characteristics.

At Atlantic Millwrights we specialize in moving, installing, disassembling, and shipping heavy machinery.  Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Complete mechanical support for outage or non outage projects
  • Unlimited rigging capabilities
  • Plant/Facility relocation and decomissioning
  • Entire production line disassembly and installation
  • Turnkey Millwright and rigging projects
  • Conveyor installation, overhaul and modifications
  • Refuse fuel feed conveyors overhaul and replacement
  • Shaker / rubber belt and klinker conveyor overhaul and replacement
  • Complete recycling systems glass / non ferrous / ferrous and separators modifications and installation
  • Complete grate overhaul including carrying beams
  • Rolling and reciprocating grate system rebuilds
  • Complete feed table systems removal and installations
  • Discharger overhaul / repairs and replacement
  • Rooftop silencers / mufflers / HVAC and air makeup units
  • Motor replacements to 2000 hp
  • Pumping and hydraulic systems
  • Air compressor and dryer systems
  • Trommels / grinders / hammer mills
  • Pumps / motors / centrifuges and rotating assemblies
  • Precision and laser alignment
  • Shafts / couplings / bearings
  • Trucking and heavy hauling
  • Machine shop services
  • Motor & drive train foundation replacements
  • Epoxy and high pressure grouting