Rigging Services

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At Atlantic Millwrights Inc., we’re more than just an industrial services provider; we’re your dedicated rigging partner. Our team of skilled riggers is committed to ensuring the safe, precise, and efficient handling of your heavy machinery and structural components. From intricate equipment relocation projects to complex installations, our experts bring unrelenting accuracy and excellence to every aspect of the rigging process, ensuring the stability and safety of your operations.

Our rigging professionals are meticulously trained in the art of lifting and moving heavy objects to a new location. We are dedicated to planning, executing, and overseeing every detail of your rigging projects, from initial consultation to final execution, ensuring every phase aligns seamlessly with your production needs.

When you choose Atlantic Millwrights Inc. for your rigging services, you’re opting for a trusted, family-run business that prioritizes building strong, lasting partnerships and values client relationships above all else. Our reputation as a leader in rigging services in New England didn’t develop overnight. Since 1986, we’ve consistently demonstrated our ability to tackle even the most challenging projects with precision and professionalism.

Rigging Services: An Overview

Industrial rigging services play a crucial role in the industrial and construction sectors, enabling the safe and efficient movement of heavy industrial machinery, equipment, and structural components. This specialized service is essential for installing, relocating, and maintaining large-scale industrial assets, ensuring operational continuity and safety.

Atlantic Millwrights Industrial Rigging Services

Our rigging services encompass a wide array of tasks, from precise machinery moving and installation to handling structural steel components for construction and assembly. We work in many industries and are equipped to manage complex lifting operations, ensuring that each job is executed with utmost precision and safety.

Heavy Machinery Moving and Installation

Handling heavy equipment requires skill, experience, and the right rigging equipment. Our crew excels in safely moving and installing various types of industrial equipment, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption to your operations. We use fork trucks with capacities of up to 40,000 lbs, providing the power and precision needed for the most demanding tasks.

Structural Steel Rigging

In construction and industrial projects, rigging structural steel is a critical task. Our experts are proficient in lifting, positioning, and securing structural components, facilitated by our 25/35 & 40/60 versalifts, ensuring efficient and safe construction processes.

Custom Rigging Projects

No two projects are the same. We offer customized rigging solutions to cater to the unique requirements of each job, ensuring that every challenge is met with tailored expertise. Our hydraulic jacks, capable of lifting up to 1,000 tons, are instrumental in executing heavy-duty rigging operations with exceptional control and safety.


At Atlantic Millwrights Inc., rigging is more than just a service; it’s a commitment to excellence and safety. Our team of rigging experts combines years of experience with a passion for their craft. They employ the latest techniques and specialized equipment, including fork trucks, versalifts, and hydraulic jacks, to deliver top-tier rigging solutions.

Our riggers’ expertise extends beyond basic lifting and moving. They are adept at planning, executing, and overseeing complex rigging operations, ensuring that each project aligns perfectly with the specific needs of our customers. From conducting site assessments to developing detailed rigging plans, our team approaches every task with precision and care.


  • Fork Trucks: Ranging up to 40,000 lbs capacity for heavy machinery moving and installation.
  • Versalifts: 25/35 & 40/60 models for precise and safe lifting of structural components.
  • Hydraulic Jacks: Capable of lifting up to 1,000 tons for large-scale rigging operations.
  • Crane Services: Various crane types for lifting and moving heavy objects at different heights and distances.
  • Rigging Hardware: Includes slings, shackles, hoists, and other accessories for secure and efficient rigging.
  • Spreader Bars: For distributing loads evenly and increasing lifting stability.
  • Skates and Rollers: For moving heavy equipment and machinery smoothly across surfaces.
  • Gantry Systems: Portable and adjustable for lifting heavy objects in confined spaces.
  • Modular Lifting Beams: Customizable for handling various load sizes and shapes.
  • Turntables: For rotating heavy objects during rigging or installation.
  • Air Skates: For precision movement of heavy loads with minimal friction.
  • Custom Rigging Solutions: Tailored rigging setups for unique requirements.
  • Safety Equipment: Including harnesses, helmets, and other protective gear for rigging personnel.
  • Communication Devices: Ensuring clear and effective communication during rigging operations.
  • Rigging Plans and Blueprints: Detailed documentation for planning and executing rigging tasks.
  • Load Testing Equipment: For verifying the safety and capacity of rigging setups.
  • Transport Dollies: For relocating heavy items within a site.
  • Alignment Tools: Precision instruments for accurate positioning and installation.
  • Lift Planning Software: For simulating and optimizing rigging operations before execution.


At Atlantic Millwrights Inc., we understand the success of your operation depends not only on precision and efficiency but on uncompromising safety standards. Our workers have undergone stringent training, and they’re equipped with the latest rigging technology and safety equipment to ensure the highest level of service quality and safety.

Our commitment to minimizing safety risks is evident in all elements of our operations, from meticulous planning and execution of rigging tasks to continuous training and adherence to industry regulations. We conduct regular safety audits and risk assessments to minimize hazards and protect our team, your assets, and the environment. By upholding these high standards, we provide peace of mind and reliability, underpinning our dedication to excellence in every assignment.


Quality control is integral to our industrial rigging services, ensuring that each operation is performed accurately and meets all necessary standards. To maintain optimal performance and reliability, we conduct thorough inspections of our equipment, including cranes, forklifts, and rigging hardware. Our rigorous quality control process includes regular maintenance checks, performance evaluations, and compliance with industry best practices.

By consistently applying these quality control measures, Atlantic Millwrights Inc. guarantees that our rigging solutions are effective, safe and durable. This attention to detail ensures that we can confidently meet or exceed your project expectations, delivering results that are both efficient and of the highest quality.


Selecting the right rigging partner is essential for the safety, efficiency, and success of your heavy lifting and moving tasks. When choosing a rigging service provider, it’s essential to consider their expertise, safety record, equipment capabilities, project experience, communication skills, financial stability, and geographical location relative to your project.

A reliable rigging partner should have a proven track record of handling complex and diverse rigging tasks safely and effectively. Assess their technical proficiency and the quality of their equipment, including cranes, forklifts, and rigging hardware. It’s also crucial to evaluate their experience with assignments similar to yours and their ability to adapt to unique challenges.

Effective communication is critical to ensuring your project is completed according to your specifications and timeline. A good rigging partner will keep you informed throughout the process and be responsive to your needs. Additionally, their financial stability and proximity to your site can contribute to a more streamlined and cost-effective project execution.

By carefully considering these factors, you can choose a rigging partner that aligns with your specific project requirements and ensures a successful outcome.


At Atlantic Millwrights Inc., we understand the importance of meticulously addressing your business’s unique rigging needs. We are committed to collaborating with you to provide specialized industrial rigging services that ensure the safe, efficient, and timely completion of your industrial projects. Our team of skilled rigging professionals will provide you with comprehensive lifting plans, safety protocols, equipment specifications, and any other necessary documentation to maintain transparency and precision in your project from beginning to end.

As a family-run business, the client experience is central to everything we do at Atlantic Millwrights, Inc. Our mission extends beyond just fulfilling your rigging requirements; we aim to build a lasting, trust-based relationship with you throughout this process. Engaging with our clients in this manner is not only a primary goal for every project but also one of the most rewarding aspects of our work. This close connection gives us a distinct advantage and truly sets us apart in the industry.

If you’re ready to partner with AMI for your rigging needs, please contact us today.



What is industrial rigging?

Industrial rigging involves the safe lifting and moving of heavy objects, such as machinery and structural components, using various types of industrial equipment like cranes, hoists, and pulleys.

What types of rigging services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of industrial rigging services, including machinery moving and installation, structural steel rigging, load testing and certification, and custom rigging solutions tailored to your specific project needs.

How do you guarantee safety during rigging operations?

Safety is our top priority. We adhere to strict equipment safety standards and protocols, employ experienced and trained professionals, and use state-of-the-art rigging equipment. We also conduct regular safety audits and training sessions to maintain our high safety standards.

Can you handle rigging for oversized or unusually shaped objects?

Yes, our team is experienced in handling a variety of objects, regardless of size or shape. We assess each project individually and develop customized rigging solutions to ensure the safe and efficient handling of all items.

Do you provide rigging services for both indoor and outdoor projects?

Absolutely. We are equipped to handle rigging tasks in various environments, whether indoors, outdoors, in confined spaces, or in challenging conditions.

What information do you need to provide a quote for a rigging project?

To provide an accurate quote for your job, we typically need information about the object(s) to be rigged (size, weight, dimensions), the location of the project, the job site, any specific challenges or requirements, and your project timeline.

At Atlantic Millwrights we specialize in moving, installing, disassembling, and shipping heavy machinery.  Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Complete mechanical support for outage or non outage projects
  • Unlimited rigging capabilities
  • Plant/Facility relocation and decomissioning
  • Entire production line disassembly and installation
  • Turnkey Millwright and rigging projects
  • Conveyor installation, overhaul and modifications
  • Refuse fuel feed conveyors overhaul and replacement
  • Shaker / rubber belt and klinker conveyor overhaul and replacement
  • Complete recycling systems glass / non ferrous / ferrous and separators modifications and installation
  • Complete grate overhaul including carrying beams
  • Rolling and reciprocating grate system rebuilds
  • Complete feed table systems removal and installations
  • Discharger overhaul / repairs and replacement
  • Rooftop silencers / mufflers / HVAC and air makeup units
  • Motor replacements to 2000 hp
  • Pumping and hydraulic systems
  • Air compressor and dryer systems
  • Trommels / grinders / hammer mills
  • Pumps / motors / centrifuges and rotating assemblies
  • Precision and laser alignment
  • Shafts / couplings / bearings
  • Trucking and heavy hauling
  • Machine shop services
  • Motor & drive train foundation replacements
  • Epoxy and high pressure grouting