Plant Outage & Support

Plant Outage & Support

Your Partner in Plant & Outage Support

Support during a plant outage is crucial in managing the situation effectively. From technicians and engineers to the outage management team, every role is vital in ensuring the swift restoration of operations. Support also comes in the form of tools, technology, and efficient communication channels. Atlantic Millwrights Inc. is your trusted partner for your facilities outages and shutdowns. 

Preventive Measures for Plant Outages

Avoiding plant outages completely might be impossible, but there are steps that can be taken to reduce their frequency and impact.

Regular Maintenance

Regular plant maintenance is one of the most effective ways to prevent unplanned outages. This proactive approach ensures that machinery is in good condition and functioning optimally.

Quality Control

Ensuring quality control in processes and machinery can also help prevent unexpected outages. High standards in quality control mean fewer mechanical failures and thus fewer shutdowns.

The Importance of Plant Outage Support

Plant outage support plays a key role in reducing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition back to normal operations. It helps identify the problem, implement solutions, and keep stakeholders informed throughout the process.

Outage Management and Planning

Having a comprehensive outage management plan in place can make a significant difference when a plant outage does occur. Unplanned outages can be more challenging due to their unpredictability. However, having a robust response strategy can help in such situations.

When an unplanned outage occurs, the initial response is critical. Swift identification of the problem and clear communication can help manage the situation effectively.

Recovery and Restarting Operations

Once the problem has been addressed, the process of recovery and restarting operations begins. This stage requires careful planning and coordination to ensure a smooth transition back to normal operations.

Your Trusted Plant Outage & Support Partner

Our comprehensive and efficient approach to outage support, coupled with our focus on safety and customer satisfaction, sets us apart from the competition. Don’t let unplanned downtime hinder your operations; choose Atlantic Millwrights Inc. to protect your facilities during unexpected shutdowns or outages. If you’re ready to partner with AMI on your next project, please contact us today.

At Atlantic Millwrights we specialize in moving, installing, disassembling, and shipping heavy machinery.  Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Complete mechanical support for outage or non outage projects
  • Unlimited rigging capabilities
  • Plant/Facility relocation and decomissioning
  • Entire production line disassembly and installation
  • Turnkey Millwright and rigging projects
  • Conveyor installation, overhaul and modifications
  • Refuse fuel feed conveyors overhaul and replacement
  • Shaker / rubber belt and klinker conveyor overhaul and replacement
  • Complete recycling systems glass / non ferrous / ferrous and separators modifications and installation
  • Complete grate overhaul including carrying beams
  • Rolling and reciprocating grate system rebuilds
  • Complete feed table systems removal and installations
  • Discharger overhaul / repairs and replacement
  • Rooftop silencers / mufflers / HVAC and air makeup units
  • Motor replacements to 2000 hp
  • Pumping and hydraulic systems
  • Air compressor and dryer systems
  • Trommels / grinders / hammer mills
  • Pumps / motors / centrifuges and rotating assemblies
  • Precision and laser alignment
  • Shafts / couplings / bearings
  • Trucking and heavy hauling
  • Machine shop services
  • Motor & drive train foundation replacements
  • Epoxy and high pressure grouting